About Mark

Name: Mark de Mori
The Dominator
11 Feb 1982
Birthplace / Hometown:
Perth, Australia
Boxing Record:
won 16 (KO 14), drawn 2, lost 1 (KO 1)
Don King Productions
6? 2? / 188cm

Born in Western Australia in 1982, Mark de Mori grew up in the inner-city suburbs of Perth.  He was seemingly deaf until the age of four and experienced chronic asthma throughout his childhood.  While in high school at the esteemed John XXIII College, de Mori’s asthma attacks were so severe, he spent several nights in the emergency department fighting for his life. It was around this time that he discovered his love for boxing and his determination to succeed against the odds.

True to Generation-Y’s reputation, de Mori taught himself to box by watching hours of fights on YouTube and then attempting to replicate the moves in his Dad’s garage.  In mimicking his American boxing idols, de Mori adopted a rather controversial, seemingly ‘arrogant’ fighting style of keeping his fists low rather than in front of his face – a stance that has antagonised many of his opponents.

Originally blitzing the amateur circuit with 11 fights, de Mori made his professional debut at age 22, racking up a 6-0-1 record, five by knockout.

Following his loss to John Wyborn, de Mori took an 18-month break before returning to the ring with a new trainer in February 2006 to accumulate another five wins and one draw, with five more knockouts.

In 2007 he signed a three-year deal with legendary US boxing promoter Don King, who cited de Mori’s “youth and exciting style” as integral factors in marketing him to American audiences.

The following year, de Mori scored an eight-round win by unanimous decision over American Ed Mahone in New Zealand. A former world title challenger, Mahone was the favourite going into the fight but it was de Mori’s ‘jab and move’ approach that ensured his victory.

In 2009, de Mori won a further two US fights – both by knockout as a result of body blows – and was ranked number 17 heavyweight in the world by the prestigious World Boxing Council.

Most recently, de Mori announced the launch of his World Title Campaign and his return to the US to continue training at the exclusive Californian training camp, World Crown Sports.